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Iloilo is the Philippines’ Heritage Haven of Panay. This is because it is popular for its gentry living as displayed by its majestic and colonial mansions and churches scattered throughout its beautiful landscape. This beautiful province is set in a graceful and refined repose between Batiano and Iloilo rivers forming the shape of a nose. Hence, it was given the name Iloilo from the word Ilong-Ilong, which means “nose-like”.

Iloilo City


Castle Hotel in Iloilo CityIloilo City is a living testimonial of the rich cultural heritage of the province. At its city proper, the popular landmarks include: Muelle Loney, Museo Iloilo, Plaza Libertad, Arevalo, Jaro, and Fort San Pedro. Arevalo boasts of its 19th century mansions, flower nurseries, and looms that weave piña and jusi. Jaro is the province’s residential center of the rich and elite who, to this day, have maintained their grand ancestral homes in impressive and tip-top condition.

Iloilo Towns

Jaro Iloilo CathedralEach town that lies along the city’s west coast possesses centuries-old churches. Guimbal shines brightly with its yellow sandstone, Tigbauan is proud of its Baroque façade, while San Joaquin boasts of its white coral. However, the most impressive of all is the Miag-ao Church, which is included in the World Heritage List. On the other hand, the eastern towns of the city lead to the town of Estancia, which will take you to the beautiful cluster of islands off the northeast Panay.

Iloilo Festivals

Iloilo is a host to a number of festivals people from different places not only in the country but also from around the world visit. The most popular of these festivals are: Dinagyang Festival, Ati-Atihan Iloilo version, Our Lady of Candles Feast, Paraw Regatta, Festival of Bulls or Pasungay, and the Carabao Race.

Iloilo Travel Destinations – Places to Visit

Iloilo has more to offer than grand churches and mansions. When you set your foot on this beautiful Panay province, you will never run out of destination. Below are just some of them:

Bucari - Iloilo’s little Baguio is located in the town of Leon. It is a popular summer destination in this hot spot of the Philippines.

Water Park
Westown Hotel’s El Dorado Waterpark - This is the newest addition to Smallville, the very popular entertainment and dining center of Iloilo. El Dorado features an elegant South American inspired pools and poolside rooms. This place has also become Smallville’s daytime attraction for those who want to spend a fun and refreshing time with family and friends.

Panay Beach in Iloilo with tourist Iloilo’s Beaches – The place to be when you want to be wet and hot. The island of Panay is blessed with beautiful islets and coasts teaming with diverse marine life and fantastic seascapes just like other islands in the Pacific. Iloilo is definitely no exception; however, it has many exceptional beaches with great potentials to become the next top tourist destination in the Philippines. From Iloilo’s northern to southern tips, you will definitely enjoy a lineup of beautiful beaches where you could get wet or be hot anytime of the year.

How to get to Iloilo

If it is your first time to visit Iloilo, you may opt to take the easy route by taking an airplane. Major cities in the Philippines have daily flights to Iloilo. However, if you are after a great adventure, you can take a long but wonderful route from Cebu City to Iloilo City via Negros Occidental. If you will be coming from Manila, you should first go to Cebu, then to Negros. Moreover, you can enjoy an overnight boat trip from Manila or Cebu. Indeed, Iloilo is the place to find refuge if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy life in the city. It offers a peaceful, quiet, and calm haven to anyone who needs a more laid-back holiday. While it is a city where you can hear the birds chirping and smell the fresh fragrance of flowers, it is also a city where you won’t miss the convenience offered by a well-developed city. So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Iloilo now!

New Iloilo Airport


Airlines that fly to Iloilo:

Air Philippines

Cebu Pacific

PAL (Philippine Airlines)

Air Asia (formerly Zest Air & Asian Spirit)



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