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Have You Discovered The Philippines?

The Philippines is a great underdog location for you to spend your vacations in. Often passed for more typical or mainstream places (think Italy, France and things like that) a lot of people are missing out on having a really relaxing holiday that could recharge their batteries to face the daily routine renewed.

Some of the problems that Philippines have had attracting tourists are caused by the misinformed comments about its state of political unrest. In reality the Philippines are composed by a large number of beautiful and tourist friendly islands that are untouched by any of this issues. There are a variety of locations (some are more of a virgin territory, some are more geared towards a tourism industry) that you can choose from to have exactly the type of holiday you are looking for just by searching online. They all share some things in common: wonderful beaches, friendly locals and exciting locations for the more adventurous.

Best Features

The islands are great if you want to unwind and relax. But what are the best features that keep those in the know coming back for more?

  • The beaches are made of golden sand and crystalline waters. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones.
  • The crashing waves and warm weather make the islands a paradise for surfing enthusiasts.
  • Wake boarding and white water rafting are becoming more and more popular as the time goes on.
  • The fantastic waters make it the perfect location for Scuba Diving.
  • The many peaks in the islands attract both expert climbers and aficionados who just want to enjoy the magnificent views.
  • The Ring of Fire is a magnet for those looking for adventure. This region has a large number of active volcanoes including the Mayon Volcano which is considered to have the most perfect cone shape despite intermittent eruptions, and the dormant Mount Apo in Davao, the highest peak in the Philippines at 2,954 meters above sea level.

Should I Go to One of the Hotels in Manila?

When going to Philippines, a lot of people recommend the classic location of Manila as a starting point. On the one side, Manila is a wonderful place for a newcomer as it shows much of what the country is about. You get thrown, head first, into a culture (most likely) widely different than your own and into a colorful city that keeps people coming back for more. On the other hand, I think that Manila does not represent some of the best qualities that the country can offer. Booking for your holidays in one of the hotels in Manila will provide for a lovely holiday or do some research and explore the islands on your own. Some of the most beautiful and peaceful islands are secluded and off the tourist map. You decide what's best for you.


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